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Devolved Security Policy Compliance

A long standing issue pertaining to security policies has often been the question of compliance and compliance management - how to ensure that all areas of an organization take the policies seriously and how to manage policy compliance enterprise wide.

In recent years, devolution of responsibility has been viewed as the correct way forward, bringing many benefits:

  • Security information is made available at the point of need at precisely the time of need
  • Less stress on the central security area, helping to contain resourcing and costs
  • Appropriate assignment of responsibility for security requirements (by their very nature some issues must be owned by devolved areas). This also tends to ensure that they are taken more seriously.
  • More visible and demonstrable compliance with legal, regulatory and orgainizational requirements

The most dynamic and direct method to achieve this is to deliver the policies to the users desktop. This carries many benefits, including:

  • Instant availability for the user
  • Familiar navigation interface.. using Windows, search facilities, etc
  • The potential to use the power of a PC to make the experience richer and more productive for the user
A product has of course emerged which utilises this method to deliver all these benefits - the well known SOS Interactive Policy solution. This was designed specifically to ensure efficient delivery of security policies.... to effectively bring the policies to life. It has been met with significant acclaim..

We are now pleased to be able to bring the evaluation copy of this leading product to you via our portal. Simply visit our download page if you wish to try it out for yourself.



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