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Coverage of Information Security Policy Statements

Information Security policy statements need to cover the full range of risks associated with creating, amending or storing information. The following areas should be covered and they collectively include all key aspects of the Information Security Standards ISO 17799 and BS 7799.

  • Securing Hardware, Peripherals and Other Equipment
  • Controlling Access to Information and Systems
  • Processing Information and Documents
  • Purchasing and Maintaining Commercial Software
  • Developing and Maintaining In-house Software
  • Combating Cyber Crime
  • Complying with Legal and Policy Requirements
  • Planning for Business Continuity
  • Addressing Personnel / HR Issues Relating to Information Security
  • Controlling e-Commerce Information Security
  • Delivering Training and Staff Awareness
  • Dealing with Premises Related Considerations
  • Detecting and Responding to Security Incidents
  • Classifying Information and Data



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