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Scope of Information Security Policies

Information Security policy is intended to support the protection, control and management of the organisation's information assets. These policies are required to cover all information within the organisation which could include data and information that is :

  • Stored on databases
  • Stored on computers and
  • Transmitted across internal and public networks
  • Printed or hand written on paper, white boards etc.
  • Sent by facsimile (fax), telex or other communications method
  • Stored on removable media such as CD-ROMs, hard disks, tapes and other similar media
  • Stored on fixed media such as hard disks and disk sub-systems
  • Held on film or microfiche
  • Presented on slides, overhead projectors, using visual and audio media
  • Spoken during telephone calls and meetings or conveyed by any other method



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